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About Owner Marketing School

Owner Marketing School is a resource run by me, Mark Stephenson, to educate small business owners about marketing.

But not the marketing theory they study in college. The kind of marketing, advertising, strategies, and tactics that get real results.

The kind that’s not easy, but that YOU can do.

All you really need is someone to show you how.


Constant and enthusiastic research and implementation of marketing and business strategies for over 15 years. 

That includes managing over $1M in Google and Facebook ads spend.

Hundreds of product marketing videos.

5 successful online marketing and PPC Advertising courses.

Business turnaround strategy implementations and Marketing that brought one company from $900K to $3.5 Million in sales in just 2 years. 

CRMs, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Profiles, YouTube and Vimeo – simply more of these than I can count. 

Bringing small one person business tactics to big business.

Then came SEO, Facebook Advertising, Google and Bing ads, Webinars, YouTube… and just about anything else you can think of.

I got the chance to learn, experiment, find out what’s working and what’s not.

Then a few years ago I started noticing customers and friends that started businesses really struggle with the marketing side.

They were all Pros at what they did, but not at getting customers. So they were spending money with whoever offered them a solution – a new website, social media marketing, seo. But they didn’t know how much to spend, who was good and who wasn’t, what they could/should do themselves.

That’s what Owner Marketing School is designed to do:

Bringing big business tactics, strategies, and knowledge back to small business.

Completes the circle nicely, don’t you think?


You’ll learn about 3 ways I’ve set out to help teach you how to make more money, get more control, hire better.. and just know enough about marketing to do it yourself, hire out, or a combination of the two (my favorite).



Coming this Fall you’ll find self-paced online courses on digital marketing – YOUR marketing

Launch Consulting

90 days of one on one mentoring, coaching and teaching specifically to your business. I’ll be digging in WITH you to get your marketing on the right track so you can do it yourself from then on.

Public Speaking

If you have a group that just needs a marketing kickstart. A high value knowledge dumping presentation on specific online marketing tactics or skills – I’m happy to help 60 minutes at a time.

Thanks for visiting Owner Marketing School!

Now – stop wasting time and get learning.

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