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Why Use Google Ads

Google Ads, or the platform formerly known as AdWords, is text-based GOLD for some types of businesses.

And they’re not part of the typical small business conversation.

Because they’re not sexy.

They’ll never “go viral”.

Your 20 something friends and family will never say “Let me tell you about the Google Ad I saw yesterday”.

But they ARE the best way for you to reach customers at the decision point. Low in the funnel. About to make a purchase decision.

Basically, if you’re looking for buyers right now, Google Ads are where to get them. IF your ideal customers might Google something related to your business.

How the Ads Work

You’ve seen the text ads at the top of the page whenever you search for just about anything, right?

When you create an Ad you get to:

  • Write what is shows
  • Choose what geographic areas it shows in
  • Select the words and phrases people search for that trigger your ad
  • Set how much you’re willing to pay for someone to click on your ad

Then Google does some math and looks at your ad, the page it leads to and how well it meets the expectations of the people searching. They take into account how much you’re willing to spend compared to others competing for those words and starts showing your ad.

[Remember, the people SEARCHING are Google’s customers. If a lot of them click on your ad and spend a lot of time on the page it takes them to – both you AND Google win.]

How much it actually costs you for each click results from a modified auction.

It’s “modified” because if you have a great ad that leads to a great page that people love then Google will give you some credit. You’ll spend less for higher placement on the page and for the click.

On the other hand, if you have a bad or misleading ad – even if you pay way more than anyone else it’s unlikely your ad will ever be seen.

Those are the very basics.

Now let’s look at why you probably want to use Google Ads.

Intent Makes Google Search Ads Work

Easy. Because only people that are looking for your business, product or service will ever see your ads.

AND you only pay for that ad if they’re interested enough to click.

That’s like buying a billboard you only have to pay for when someone comes into your store and says they saw it.

No one searches “Best Refrigerator” unless they want to buy a refrigerator.

Or for a salon unless they need a haircut.

Or for an interior designer unless they want to hire an interior designer.

It’s all about INTENT.

Does that make sense?

Other forms of advertising plant the IDEA, or try to inspire action about a particular product. Like Facebook Ads for example.

When you run a Facebook ad you are basically breaking into someone’s day saying – “if you ever need a lawyer, I’m your guy”. What are the odds? How many people do you have to show that too?

When people are on Social and see an ad, or driving down the street and see a sign or a billboard, their INTENT was not to buy the subject of the ad.

If they type something into Google their INTENT is to buy it. Probably soon.

Simplicity Makes Google Ads Work

You can get just as fancy inside the Google Ad dashboard as you can in any other medium. But you don’t HAVE to in order to succeed. Because Search ads are text only, and they work really, really well.

All you need for a successful text ad is… well… text.

There’s a Headline a Description and the URL for your landing page. Sometimes 2 extra headlines and an extra description, but it’s all really just words.

So if you’re a Chiropractor in Tampa you’re ad might be:

Tampa’s Best Chiropractor

Great reviews. Licensed. Open Late. Personalized Care. Insurance Accepted

[There’s more to it of course – but you get the idea]


And since you NEVER just want to run one version of everything, it’s simple to just duplicate the ad and test it against a different headline or call to action.

Now compare that to what you would need for a Magazine ad. A TV commercial. Even a Pinterest or Instagram ad. Unless you’re an artist or generate fresh content all the time, you’ve got to start from scratch and create something new.

Then if you want to test it, you have to create 3 more images or videos. ON top of what you have to do for the Google Search Ad.

And that image is EVERYTHING. Because you have to get their attention and interest before you can even deliver them your message. And convince them they need what you’re selling NOW.

The image is Art and Psychology. It’s easy to get wrong.

And the more blunt and obvious and clear the text is in a Google Search Ad, the better it does.


Clarity Makes Google Ads Work

If you’re doing a magazine ad, or a billboard, or even a tradeshow it can be pretty difficult to calculate your ROI. Your Return On Investment.

Because not everyone who sees your magazine ad will call and let you know they read it. And if they call from the ad they won’t always tell you. The same for a billboard.

But everyone who click on one of your Google Ads, or even calls you from it if it’s set up correctly, IS telling you they saw your ad.

Then you track how many people clicked on your ad.

How many of THOSE people filled out your form or chatted with a sales rep.

And you SHOULD be able to follow that click all the way to a purchase.

Clarity Calculation:

You spent $2,000 on Google ads in March

400 People clicked on your ad so you paid $5/click

100 People filled out a form or talked to a Rep so paid $20 per lead

10 People Purchased from you so your Cost per Acquisition, or ad cost per sale, was $200

Now – How much was that sale worth?

If you make more than $200 on the sale – you win.

And the best part of that is that you can actually drive that price down if you improved the Ad. Or the landing page. Or the call to action.

Google often rewards you for doing a better job serving yours and their customers by showing your ad to the SAME people for LESS money if your work is good.

It’s like the better YOU do from your ads, the cheaper they can get. Doesn’t happen every time – but it’s happened many times for me.

Are Google Ads Right for Your Business?

Short answer: I don’t know.

There may not be a big enough market. There may be too much competition. You may just not have the budget to really test your ads until they work.


Google (now called Alphabet) is the 3rd biggest company in the world at this time. It’s worth over $766 BILLION dollars.  

They don’t make money when you use their search engine to find something.

They make that money when a Searcher clicks on an ad.

The happier that Google Searcher is with what they find when they click it, the more likely they are to do that again in the future.

It’s in the 3rd biggest company in the worlds best interest if someone clicks on your ad and buys something from you.

That’s pretty powerful.

If you want to learn more about using Google Ads then leave your email address on the form here. You be notified when Fall classes begin AND we’ll let you know when our next article comes out.

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