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Not a Secret | Marketing and Google My Business

Google My Business is NOT a Secret One of the first, simplest things you can do to boost your LOCAL search presence is by claiming and working on your Google Business profile. The company has been putting quite a bit of focus on Google Business [formerly Google My... read more

The Social Media Hammer

The Social Media Hammer You are probably not qualified to pick the most potentially successful marketing method for your business. Not particularly politic, I know. But you’ll see why I’m probably insulting you right off the bat ???? The first thing that... read more

The Pay per Click Advertising Hammer

The Pay per Click Advertising Hammer PPC does work. It works for small business owners, local business, for retail stores and service businesses. Almost every business in fact. After all, that’s how Google and Facebook, 2 of the biggest companies in the world, make... read more

The Website Development Hammer

It’s true – you DO need a new website. Or at least a major over hall. I can say that about almost EVERY local business who’s marketing I review. And for many small business owners, and side hustlers, a website is considered THE marketing tool. The foundation of just... read more

You Are NOT Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Recently I’ve had 4 or 5 conversations with business owners about marketing in general and outsourcing in specific. They all had this idea that finding someone to execute their vision, their idea for some marketing activity was “doing marketing”. And that they had... read more

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