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Not a Secret | Marketing and Google My Business

Google My Business is NOT a Secret One of the first, simplest things you can do to boost your LOCAL search presence is by claiming and working on your Google Business profile. The company has been putting quite a bit of focus on Google Business [formerly Google My... read more

The Pay per Click Advertising Hammer

The Pay per Click Advertising Hammer PPC does work. It works for small business owners, local business, for retail stores and service businesses. Almost every business in fact. After all, that’s how Google and Facebook, 2 of the biggest companies in the world, make... read more

Don’t Be A Hammer

Synergy, symbiosis, interconnectedness, ecosystem… are all terms I promise NOT to use to describe the idea. The Idea is that doing just one thing well doesn’t work. Focusing all of your effort and attention on just one part of your business doesn’t make the rest... read more

Here’s Why You Should Be Using Google Ads

Why Use Google Ads Google Ads, or the platform formerly known as AdWords, is text-based GOLD for some types of businesses. And they’re not part of the typical small business conversation. Because they’re not sexy. They’ll never “go viral”. Your 20 something friends... read more

Making Good Marketing Decisions

Starts Here You probably did research before you bought your last car, looking for things like gas mileage and maintenance costs. And the last time you picked a restaurant it’s about a 100% probability that you checked Yelp or Google reviews. A recent study showed... read more

Mark Stephenson

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