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Stop WASTING money on "marketing". Partner with someone that helps make business happen.

Websites, social, paid ads, CRM, SEO, copywriting… should not be outsourced separately! Don’t trust your business to someone with a Hammer…

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Owner Marketing School & Agency


I really mean that Welcome. After all, you’re the reason I started Owner Marketing School & Agency.

Because you’re probably here for one of just a few reasons:

Maybe you’ve already invested a few THOUSAND dollars on some specialty marketing service – like social media marketing, or SEO (god forbid) and you don’t really know what they’re doing. Did they do anything at all? What should I expect?

Or you’re looking at your business and trying to figure out how to take it to the next level – to really make it go POP – and you’re ready to tackle the marketing part as you see it. Maybe do it yourself, maybe outsource it.

A few years ago a good friend of mine was in that situation.

Spending thousands on a website and then spending almost $1K a month for “social media marketing”. The website was okay – overpriced – and the social was just… bad.

And I was a little ashamed I hadn’t helped sooner. Or more. Or just told her to STOP, she didn’t know enough yet to make a good decision.

Because I’ve been there when hundreds of small businesses have been started. I’ve created dozens of websites, run over $3.5M worth of Google and Facebook ads, done many webinars, videos, YouTube Channels – I have lived and breathed digital marketing in particular for years.

So I have the skills to share, but didn’t have in time to save my friend’s time and money.

Now this is all for you.

You are welcome here because I’m anxious to help. Excited about the possibility that you might save that money. Might experience super-growth. Might have a better business and might evenually become your own best marketer.

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Not a Secret | Marketing and Google My Business

Not a Secret | Marketing and Google My Business

Google My Business is NOT a Secret One of the first, simplest things you can do to boost your LOCAL search presence is by claiming and working on your Google Business profile. The company has been putting quite a bit of focus on Google Business [formerly Google My...

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The Social Media Hammer

The Social Media Hammer

The Social Media Hammer You are probably not qualified to pick the most potentially successful marketing method for your business. Not particularly politic, I know. But you'll see why I'm probably insulting you right off the bat 🙂 The first thing that got me paying...

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The Pay per Click Advertising Hammer

The Pay per Click Advertising Hammer

The Pay per Click Advertising Hammer PPC does work. It works for small business owners, local business, for retail stores and service businesses. Almost every business in fact. After all, that’s how Google and Facebook, 2 of the biggest companies in the world, make...

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The Website Development Hammer

The Website Development Hammer

It’s true – you DO need a new website. Or at least a major over hall. I can say that about almost EVERY local business who’s marketing I review. And for many small business owners, and side hustlers, a website is considered THE marketing tool. The foundation of just...

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3X More Leads + 20% Better Margins

Working with Mark on a consulting basis, business strategy and marketing – we’ve seen a 3X increase in leads and a 20% rise in profits. He runs our Google Ads, FB Page, LinkedIn, and all of it has contributed to big year over year improvement – Ron

High praise from an SEO Pro

I have an advanced knowledge of SEO and a basic knowledge of Google Adwords. After learning from Mark, I have a much more in-depth understanding of how to run successful ads and the confidence to make more money. Excellent course, highly recommended! – Jasmine

I wish I had known from the START!

I’ve been sitting here, taking copious notes, asking myself, “Why didn’t I know this? Why haven’t I been doing this? I should have been doing this from the start!” So much useful, EASY TO IMPLEMENT information.– Laura

Better Ad Campaigns on a budget

I really Enjoyed Your Course and how you showed real results. Keep up the great work. Highly Recommended for people who are trying to improve their ad campaign within their budget. – Ryan

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